Here at IIHMR

I realized I haven’t really gotten into details about my stay here at the Indian Institute Health Management Research facility, so I figured I’d give you a quick overview of how things are here. My accommodations in return of being an intern include room and board. I stay in the institute’s guest house where I have my own room and my own bathroom. I’m getting used to it but I have to admit, coming from a big family where somebody is always home, it gets pretty lonely. The students from the institution which are mainly grad students or post grad students are now on summer leave so that adds to the lonely feeling. I have mixed feelings about technology, but in this case it’s super convenient to have access to wifi internet at all times. My computer is my friend and I’m in constant communication with my family and friends back home. 

Besides it being a pretty lonely campus, it’s a beautiful one. It sits on 14 acres of land and is composed of beautiful traditional local architecture, paved paths, wooden bridges, and lots of trees. Yes, I can admit, I am in a bubble and I feel a bit spoiled. Masala Chai tea is brought to my room in the morning, and again twice throughout the day in the office.  My room is equipped with air conditioning; something that I did not expect and something that I only use if I absolutely have to, otherwise I just use the fan. It’s beginning to cool down a bit anyway, with some rain occasionally in the evenings and nights. I could easily pay for someone to do my laundry, but I kind of enjoy hand washing it in the bathroom, giving me something to do in the evenings. 

Everyone is extremely nice here, and they’ve been very supportive and helpful. I will probably constantly brag about my supervisor (which I strongly feel like I can call a friend) throughout my posts. She’s been so good to me and as time goes on we can both agree we share very similar values and beliefs in both our field of interest and life in general. When at work, it’s like having a friend you can’t study with because you can’t stop talking. We laugh about it too! 


I cross this wooden bridge so many times throughout the day to get to and and from work about three minutes away.  


Here is the pool at the institution. I was sad to see that it had no water, I was so ready for it. I had my swimsuit, goggles and everything!



This is right outside the office, where I was sitting in 100+ deg fahrenheit weather.


My breakfast always includes toast and something else I have no idea what it is. The guys at the cafe noticed I like the toast because sometimes I have to ask for it and the other day one of them smiled and gave me 4 pieces. I ain’t gonna lie, I ate it all. Delish. 



You can find cows, camels, elephants pretty much anywhere. No biggie. 


I’m happy to say that I finally got the nerve to take a tuc tuc (motor taxi that mainly locals use) all by myself to the markets of this area. It was a bumpy and loud ride, but those who know me, know I love that! 


3 comments on “Here at IIHMR

  1. Cati Your SBFF says:

    I’m so glad you’re getting more comfortable. I got caught up on all your posts today. I love you and miss you – even if I probably wouldn’t have seen you anyway lol.
    I send you positive, happy energy and lots of l-o-v-e!

  2. comadre says:

    Love masala chai! Is it better there? same? Are there any other interns or students staying at the dorm?

    • bjhernandez says:

      I think it’s better here 🙂 There aren’t any other interns, but there are students that belong to this institution who stay in the hostels (dorms) I think they are starting to come back from their summer leave because I see more around campus.

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